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Wolf Trim Product Update

As a leader and innovator in the building material industry, Wolf has continued to make improvements to their PVC trim. Updates include: • Improved sealed edge to match texture and finish of board's surface • Flat stacked for easier handling and storage • Protective film on face of board to protect from dirt and damage. You can expect to see these updates in the coming months.

What's in Tom's Toolbox?

As Concord Lumber Corporation's Hardware Purchaser, I'm constantly looking for the latest and greatest tools available in the industry. An indispensable tool to have on the job site when working with cement siding is the Snapper Shear SS404. Not only is it fast and dust-free, but the blade cost per house is extremely low as well; at only $3 per house. Click on the video link to see the tool in action. Stop by Littleton Lumber to see our selection of tools from Pactool for all your cement siding & shingle installation needs, including the Gecko Gauge, Roof Snake, Shingle Sider, Gable Scribe, and the SS424 Backerboard Snapper Shear.

Industry Forecast - Lumber Pricing & Market Predictions

LUMBER: So far through the winter we saw prices come off from higher levels in the Fall months. That trend in the market flattened out in January and became firm, and this week has turned back up a notch. Demand has been somewhat steady which has forced buyers to keep inventory levels up. Mill curtailments added to some issues on the supply side thus driving the market up. PANEL: The panel side of the market has seen much the same trend as dimension and has also firmed up this week. Both panel and dimension markets will now be dictated by true demand. Paul Tarca Head of Purchasing Concord Lumber Corporation

Simpson Strong-Tie Product Update

Moving forward into spring, Concord Lumber Corporation will be replacing & adding a few Simpson hangers. The following will be added to our inventory as stock items: LRU210Z: Simpson Light Rafter HGR Slopeable 2x10 Zmax LRU28Z: Simpson Light Rafter HGR Slopeable 2x8 Zmax These will be replacing our current stocked items: HUC210-2: Simpson Heavy Duty Hanger Double 2x10 Conc. Face Mount HUC28-2: Simpson Heavy Duty Hanger Double 2x8 Conc. Face Mount

Meet our newest addition to the team - Chris Lerra!

Chris Lerra is Concord Lumber & Littleton Lumber's new outside paint sales representative! Chris has over 15 years experience in the paint industry, most recently working for Lighthouse Painting as Production Manager. Before joining them, he worked in sales and management for one of the largest paint manufacturing companies in the country. For any questions, assistance, job site visits, or specialty product recommendations, please feel free to contact Chris by email or at 281-250-5068.

Annual Letter from Rick McCrobie

Concord Lumber Corporation's President, Rick McCrobie, extends his gratitude for your business in 2018 and shares some exciting news for the new year. Read the letter here.

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