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Sophava Framing: Frame in Less Time & with Less Waste

This year, Concord Lumber Corporation partnered with Sophava Framing, which enables us to service jobs in the panelized construction market. We are confident that our customers who choose to work with panelized framing packages will be satisfied with Sophava’s performance and quality. About Sophava Framing Sophava is a full-service framing firm in eastern Massachusetts delivering superior residential and commercial frames for builders on-time & on-budget. Panelized Construction increases efficiency with components cut and labeled before the package is dropped on site. Our team has 60 years of combined experience in construction framing, home building process automation to deliver satisfacti

What's in Tom's Toolbox?

Why not get a blade for both demolition AND framing? The Diablo D0724A framing circular saw blade does just that, with up to 5 times the cutting performance versus other blades. From nail-embedded wood, laminated beams, to hardwood this is the "ultimate" blade. This blade has plenty of innovations, including the Tracking Point tooth design. Not only does this allow for 65% more cuts for battery powered saws, but 2 times the durability for nail embedded wood as well.

Industry Forecast - Lumber Pricing & Market Predictions

LUMBER: The market printed down this week on pretty much everything that went up last week. We are back to level for the most part. Business is still active and trucking is tough with longer lead times. We are heading into March so let's see where this goes. PANEL: Panel prices held their ground this week with no movement up or down. Paul Tarca Head of Purchasing Concord Lumber Corporation

TriTech Spray Equipment now available at ColorWorks!

TriTech Industries uses innovative designs and American made materials to manufacture one of the highest quality lines of spray equipment in the world. TriTech works with other companies who produce parts for helicopters, super computers, military equipment, and aerospace design. The motors used in these machines are designed to deliver 20% more output, while using less energy and they can hold up in more grueling conditions than conventional sprayers. TriTech backs up their machines with a lifetime warranty on motors and drivetrains and they will replace motor brushes if they ever become warn. Come into a ColorWorks location today to learn more about this new and innovative technology by Tr

Industry Forecast - Lumber Pricing & Market Predictions

LUMBER: The market printed flat this week with the exception of 2x4 studs which bumped up a bit. Business was brisk for February and mill order files are firm. Hopefully we've found some common ground in the market and we ride this out a bit until we get closer to spring when buyers will start ramping up and booking more loads. PANEL: Panel prices held their ground this week with no movement up or down. Paul Tarca Head of Purchasing Concord Lumber Corporation

Get a Smoother Finish with Microfiber Roller Covers

Mike Malloy, Littleton Lumber's paint department Manager, shares his insight on Arroworthy's microfiber paint roller cover: "Arroworthy Microfiber Roller Covers are a revolutionary design in the painting industry. These covers hold more paint and produce less friction, leaving a smoother finish than most traditional roller sleeves. The reinforced polypropylene core and durable microfiber fabric will hold up to repeated washings so one cover will last longer than any other roller you have used in the past. They are available in a wide range of sizes and nap thicknesses making them the perfect covers for any project. Come into a ColorWorks store today and see the difference one roller cover ca

Industry Forecast - Lumber Pricing & Market Predictions

LUMBER: Another very active week in the market this week as we saw prices print up another $25-$35 mbf. This is already on top of the last few weeks of increases we saw. With winter weather somewhat on our side, demand has been brisk. If you’re not covered for the rest of this month your chasing a rising market. PANEL: Panel stayed firm but we didn't see the increases as in the dimension market but I would look for this market to bump up as well. Paul Tarca Head of Purchasing Concord Lumber Corporation

DeWALT Safety Recall

DEWALT has identified a potential safety issue with the internal wiring of some of the following drills which may create a shock hazard. The following materials are affected: DEWALT Model DWD110 and DWD112 3/8-inch VSR drills. For more information, please visit DeWALT's recall page.

Industry Forecast - Lumber Pricing & Market Predictions

LUMBER: So for the last few weeks I had mentioned the market being firm to up, this week it's just up. As unpredictable as the market was last year it looks like we start 2019 with the same unpredictability. The big increases were on the eastern side, 2x4 and 2x6, as western spruce has had a hard time getting across the country due to the weather. With a mild week predicted in the east, we may see more unexpected business to drive this up even further in weeks to come. But I'm not predicting. PANEL: On the panel side things stayed pretty flat but let's wait one more week to see what happens. Paul Tarca Head of Purchasing Concord Lumber Corporation

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